As part of the next stage of its development, Camstent has opened its first pilot production facility. Located on the Colworth Park Science Park in Sharnbrook, UK, the manufacturing site enables Camstent to create fully coated medical devices, beginning with catheters, using its patented bacteria-phobic polymer coatings. These change the physical properties of surfaces to make them inhospitable to bacteria, thus preventing colonisation, and dramatically reducing infection rates. This not only saves lives but increases efficiency for healthcare providers, saving them billions of pounds every year in terms of treatment costs and extended hospital stays.

Camstent’s Foley Catheter is currently undergoing testing for the European Union’s CE mark, which, when granted, will allow products to be sold across Europe. The new facility is central to this, generating products for regulatory approval, trials and early sales, and enabling the company to demonstrate that manufacturing and quality processes are compliant with ISO 13485.

Based in Bedfordshire, Colworth Park is a leading site for commercial research and development throughout the supply chain, including foundation research, prototyping and market development. It is home to Unilever’s Scientific Research in discover, central product safety, sustainability and global product development activities as well as a range of other growing business organisations and academic research groups.

“Our new production facility is a key next step in our expansion, enabling us to begin manufacturing, and to begin sales once we have CE mark approval,” said Dr.. Dave Hampton, Chief Technology Officer, Camstent. “Colworth Park is the ideal location for our growth, with an unrivalled reputation for scientific excellence dating back to 1947, wonderful facilities and strong transport links to our Cambridge base.”