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Camstent Story

About Camstent

Camstent Ltd. is a platform medical materials and coating process company based in Cambridge, UK. Patent protected coatings are applied to indwelling consumable medical products, such as catheters, tubes, and stents, which greatly reduce the bioburden that can accumulate thereby helping to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAI). The Company does not invent novel medical devices, but enhances consumables developed and approved by third party device manufacturers.  The Company has invested several years of R&D in this field and has a significant IP portfolio.

Camstent's first commercial product will be a Foley Catheter that aims to prevent catheter-acquired urinary tract infections (CAUTI). Derivative and supplemental formulations will target other medical devices that have been identified.

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Company History

Camstent was founded in July, 2006 when a scientist looking for solution to late-stent thrombosis met a surface chemist with an interest in non-stick coatings at a Cambridge university lecture. Their collaboration became Camstent, originally founded with three partners and based in the Biotechnology Institute at the University of Cambridge.

In 2016, the company opened its first pilot production facility at Colworth Science Park. Based in Bedfordshire, Colworth Science Park is a leading site for commercial research and development throughout the supply chain, including foundation research, prototyping and market development. The production facility enables Camstent to create fully coated medical devices, beginning with catheters, using its patented bacteria-phobic polymer coatings. 

Camstent works closely with University of Nottingham to further develop these patented coatings.