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No change in overall CAUTIs between 2009 and 2014!

New research has indicated whilst there has been no change in overall CAUTIs (Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections) between 2009 and 2014 there has been progress in non-ICU settings. The best hospitals who focus on reducing the levels of infections have proven that this is indeed possible. In some on my previous articles I have […]

Could new ‘bacteria phobic’ material stop hospital acquired infections?

A very ambitious title for the article in the Cambridge News. At Camstent we are striving to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) by focusing on one of the main areas – Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). We will not be able to stop HAI but we believe every little bit helps from new technologies such as […]

Significant funding for Cambridge tech to fight hospital acquired infections

Nice to get a mention for our latest funding round in the Cambridge Business Weekly. The management and board are delighted with the support received from old and new shareholders alike. Cambridge UK medical technology business Camstent has raised £850k from a combination of existing and new investors in a key funding round. Due to […]

Bio-film resistant coatings

A great video on the early research into using polymers that are resistant to bacteria bio-films forming on silicon. Camstent have taken this early research and have developed processes to apply coatings onto medical devices. The first product, a foley catheter, is currently going through CE mark approval to allow use in the real world. […]